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Wir haben gewonnen!

Die Agentur sitegeist, die den Relaunch der Website der KV Hamburg betreut, hat den "Neos Gold Award" für die Verwendung der Open-Source-Content-Application-Plattform Neos für unsere Website gewonnen!  Hier geht es zur Siegerehrung!

Zitat der Siegerehrung:
"Sitegeist deservedly wins the Neos Gold award for an outstanding project that had obviously received a lot of care in every detail. With Sitegeist.Bitzer it made some valuable Open Source packages possible to better manage the content lifecycle of Neos. Sitegeist helped with implementing an online store for protective goods within a very short period of time to help battle the pandemic which showed their dedication towards the project. With a rather minimalistic design, a great deal of attention was given to accessibility and clarity. The website brings many features like a physician finder and the mentioned event sourced online store - fully based on Neos for the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Hamburg." (Quelle: https://www.neoscon.io/de/neos-cms-award-2021.html)